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NEWS! Winter 2010

Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987-91

Soul Underground was one of the best dance music and clubbing magazines around in the late 80's. A new book 'Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987-91' features 440 pages of reprinted articles, interviews and charts from back in the day. From hip hop greats like Spoonie Gee, Mr. Magic, Public Enemy and Marley Marl to funk icons the calibre of Fred Wesley.

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A Storm In A Teacup

Interview with LL Cool J from 1988.

ll cool j

Left to itself, rap's been the fastest evolving music for a long time - listen to The Sugarhill Gang and compare it with today's rap, they sound like disco music... they had a house band. It'll always survive if it goes on changing like that."

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A Blow By Blow Account

Interview with Kurtis Blow from 1980.

kurtis blow

We, the deejays, had to do something to make our shows a little bit different... a little unique. Rappin' really started on the instrumental breaks. It began as ego-trippin'... y'know, childish and quite irrelevant, but pretty soon it became an accepted thing, almost expected in fact, and those clubs who had rappin' deejays started to pick up."

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Funky Four Plus One

Young South Bronx unwraps the rapping revolution

September 2007: Just added an interview with The Funky Four Plus One from 1981.

"It was DJs and B-boys. All the groups had MCs but the MC wasn't into rhyming or unity yet, they were just talking, like radio announcers. Then it got to a point where somebody started "Hip, hop, hip hipity hop" and "To the beat y'all, freak freak y'all." And people started wanting to hear that."

Plus a short interview with Sylvia Robinson dishing the facts on Sugarhill Records.

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Africa Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force

Unique set of photos taken at the Soul Sonic Force show in Edinburgh, 1984.


Cracker Rapper

The lowdown on a US Rap obscurity from 1984 -
Irvington, New Jersey's one and only Rapping Police Officer...
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Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (Live on The Tube 1983)



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